Dedicated To Supporting & Encouraging The Growth Of Freelance & Professional Photographers & Videographers

The International Association Of Freelance & Professional Photographers was established due to the enormous growth of members of the US Press Association who's primary focus was photography & videography. The International Association Of Freelance & Professional Photographers is based upon the same principals as the US Press Association.

Established in 1999, The US Press Association "THE" USPA was founded on the belief that freelance journalists, (bloggers, photographers, podcasters, videographers, writers, and those associated with radio and other publications) should be entitled to the same rights, privileges and treatment as our counterparts that work in "mainstream media".

We we are the fastest growing segment of journalism! We are the future of journalism!

Recognizing the importance that "New Media" was going to have on the world, the US Press Association had and still has the vision that freelance journalists of all varieties need an outlet for their images, stories, video, other media and an organization that will be there to help and support them every step of the way.

With the increasing number of international journalists, the US Press Association offers international credentials from the International Freelance Journalists Association or IFJA to both international and US domestic, beginner, freelance and professional journalists.

Having a member ID, confirmation of membership and having a profile listed in a verifiable database helps maximize the delivery of content to your respective audience and may help grant certain privileges not otherwise extended. We often serve as a liaison between our members and event coordinators or directors. We issue members assignment letters to various events, places, venues to cover news stories.

The US Press Association helps freelance journalist leverage themselves against larger corporate media structures. Our objective is to become a community that will support one another and work to progress our common cause of seeking, describing, capturing and reporting stories and events that are of interest to their respective audiences. We strive to do this in an objective way.

We offer the support you need, and answer any questions you may have. Become part of the new media movement. We are a member based organization and we are passionate about news and media, and we want to help you in any way we can.

The US Press Association has one of the largest and most diverse communities of writers, bloggers, online publications, print publications, photographers, videographers and other new media journalists and artists. This includes one of the largest and fastest growing network of concert photographers!

Join us and become part of the future of new media, journalism and the art of communication.

News for the people, By the people!

The US Press Association is not a part of or affiliated with the United States Federal Government.